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WordPress Angular boilerplate

WordPress Angular boilerplate

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This Boilerplate was designed to provide a good base for the most common scenarios that are needed for a WordPress/Angular custom plugin.  This set up could be used for any repeating pages such as user pages, product pages, etc.

The backend is handled by WordPress.  The boilerplate adds a new table to the database to store the form data.  It also handles the passing of data to and from the database using PHP classes.

The frontend Angular 8 app is contained in the /boilerplate/ path.
Details of the Angular app are below


A homepage that contains the button for the Git Repo. 

Sample Form

A very simple form for a fake Colors Newsletter.  Utilized the Angular Material library. 

Sample Subscriber

Uses route parameters to pass the Subscriber’s ID to the page and retrieve the data from the database.  

WordPress Video Lightbox Plugin