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Curtis 1000 Rebuild

Curtis 1000 website rebuild

Project details

As part of a team, we rebuilt the original website for (shown above) with a brand new modern design.
The final product is shown below.

My contribution to the Project

As the lead backend developer, I was responsible for setting up both the staging and the production WordPress site.  

Once the staging site was ready, I migrated the database and all the assets to the production server.  Due to security settings on the production server, the migration was completed without the use of plugins.  The database was exported and imported using the command line and the other assets were moved manually.

In addition to the backend duties, I assisted with page builds and other various tasks.  A few of the additional items are listed below.

Link to Live Site

Modified Theme and plugins to add full icon set

The client chose to use the WordPress Bakery theme and editor, however, this theme did not come with the complete icon library that was needed to build the new design.  I added the missing icons to the WordPress Bakery theme and the plugins.

Added play button to hero video

The client requested a Play/Pause button for the hero video, but the chosen WordPress theme did not contain this functionality. 

I added javascript to create a Play/Pause button.  The Play/Pause functionality is also triggered when the visitor clicks anywhere on the hero video.

Created Plugin to Track Cookie acceptance

For legal reasons, the client requested that the acceptance of the cookie notice be tracked in a database.  Using WordPress’s functionality for custom plugins, I built one to track the IP addresses of the visitors that clicked the accept button.  The data is saved to a table in the WordPress database which the client can access from the custom admin panel.

WordPress Video Lightbox Plugin